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Offline survey:

Lucid Source® Enterprise Surveys Solutions consists of two parts, an offline Android app and an online web-based app, The offline app, preferably operating on a tablet device can store as many offline surveys as necessary until the internet connection is available and the data can be synced to the web server.

Advanced reporting:

The web app to which all the survey data is synced, generates real-time reports and visualization of data, Making analysis and decision making a lot easier. The survey data can also be exported into Excel or CSV format.

Single purpose tableting:

The Android tablets (or smartphones) are secured on Hardware-level to be used for a single purpose only, The devices will be available only for surveying purpose, all other default device features are disabled and can only be unlocked by administrators.

Smart logic:

Sophisticated and advanced logic can be integrated to the question flow, This will provide relevant questionnaires to users based on their input.

Easy sync:

Syncing the offline survey data is as easy as a push of a button.No configuration of any sort is required as the devices will come Pre-configured with the dedicated web-server.The devices can be assigned to staff members or locations (Offices) this will allow you to track staff or office performance over time.

Simple UI:

Remember the old school surveys having multiple options and question on a single view? Well that’s terrifying. But this is not the case with Lucid Source® Enterprise Survey Solutions. As our surveys come in simple step by step based questionnaires with intuitive and easy to understand controls.

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