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Dr. Fastlink

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Dr. Fastlink is a Community Awareness Project by Fastlink company, Lucid is the responsible agency for it's Social Media Management.

since the audience is general and the campaign is for everyone in Kurdistan, we started working developing a teaser campaign that will be suitable for Dr. Fastlink Character.

by sharing tech-health related advice, and to teaser people on what is Dr. Fastlink, is it a mobile app, hospital, movie, or its a new service of Fastlink Company? No one knew but everyone was curious and we received many messages on a daily bases that asking about what is Dr. Fastlink.

this was our goal, so people won't know what exactly is Dr. Fastlink until we shared Dr.Fstlink's first video, then we were done with a very creative and successful teaser campaign!

simultaneously with sharing the videos of Dr. Fastlink, we continued sharing tech-health related posts.

Amazing things that we're doing for Dr. Fastlink:

• Teaser Campaign (Done)

• Social Media Management

• Content Creation

• Graphic Design

• Video Production