Eskan Company's Official Website


Eskan Company

Project duration

3 months

project category

Web Development

Live website

Eskan company's official website is one of the latest Lucid's works; Eskan is one of the fundamental real estate development LTD companies that was founded in 2008 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

We don't only build websites; we build websites that SELLS

Website development: 

Before developing any website at Lucid, The first step is planning for the project; we focus on Requirement Assessment, Project Summary, Determining Required Resources, Key performance goals, Competitor Analysis. The other steps are Determining Project Scope, Website Design, Website Development, and Website Testing, and Deployment. 

The UI Design

Eskan company's website is designed to show all of the projects of Eskan Company; it also shows all the company's services clearly. We at Lucid understand that users are always in a hurry, so we designed the website tabs and pages in a simple way that is easy to use, and unlike busy websites, they won't lose their allure after a while.