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Lalav Group is recognized for fostering innovation, undertaking large, complex projects, embracing emerging technologies to bring the future for clients, employees, and communities. The quality differentiates the Lalav group by having the most successful outcomes by aligning the client‘s objectives to create legacies for generations to come.

Lucid’s creative team was responsible for UX/UI Design and developing the front-end and back-end of the website.

After several meetings with the client and understanding their needs and expectations, our creative UX/UI designers started designing the website in a way to improve the user experience of the website as well as to increase customer satisfaction and confidence. We designed each page of the website in a way that is user-friendly, easy for people to find and read about the company and discover what they do. 

After some meetings and brainstorming sessions within the team, our development team started developing the website and during a short period of time we delivered the most unique and user-friendly website.