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MESKENT Group's official Website


Meskent Group


Meskent Group

Project Duration

6 weeks

Project Category

Web Development

MASKENT group of companies official website was is designed and developed by Lucid, and the company was founded back in 2003 and they offer important and export services to manufactures cigarettes as well as drilling and producing oil all over Iraq. Lucid was the designer and the developer of MASKENT website, designing the UI and developing both frontend and backend.



Maskent group of companies was founded in 2003 based on the market requirement back then. They offer import and export services to manufacturers of cigarettes as well as drilling and producing oil all over Iraq. 

Website development:

The website comes with different sections on the homepage, each section gives a short description about the section, short descriptions are meant to attract visitors attention and they can easily get full information about each section once they click on any of the sections.