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Acıbadem Healthcare Group is the world's second-largest Healthcare Chain that is located in Turkey and consists of 21 Hospitals and 16 medical centers. Lucid is the only responsible agency for the purpose of managing their digital marketing campaigns in Iraq & Iran.

Since 2017, we're dedicated to managing their Digital Marketing, Social Media Management on Instagram & Telegram, Media Buying, Media Booking, Video Productions, PR, and Outdoor Advertisements.

Each month, we're focusing on a specific medical health-related subject that is also one of Acibadem services. At the beginning of each month, our professional digital marketing team starts on the planning of how to deliver the message to the right audience so it will make the most impact on the targeted audience.

The goal for each month is to target up to 1,300,000 unique social media accounts on both Instagram and telegram platforms.

After finalizing the upcoming month plan and getting approval for the contents, we start designing the needed posts and photos with the right branding rules of Acibadem. Then each month we have a press release that we publish on a top Iranian or Iraqi website.


Monthly reach of 100k on Acibadem Erbil Instagram account.

Content Creation and Press Release in local famous websites. 

Outdoor advertising, Media buying, and Video Production Services.


Monthly reach of 500k on Acibadem Persian Instagram account and 800k views on Telegram.

Content Creation and Press Release in local Iranian famous websites.