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Miran Real-estate aims is to change the‭ ‬repeated‭ ‬mechanism of real estate in ‬Kurdistan‭ ‬and Iraq to a more‭ ‬advanced‭ ‬mechanism‭, ‬after‭ ‬consulting‭ ‬‭ ‬with a number of real estate experts for the past 8‭ ‬and a half years and‭ ‬conducting‭ ‬a number of researches‭.‬ 

We aimed to create a digital experience and online presentations for the company. Moreover, We thrived to provide our client “Miran Realestate” with a website that brings impressive UI/UX experiences and functionality. Our Brilliant team focused on building a fully custom UI/UX structure in the front-end, and back-end enabling the users to smoothly use the website in order to find their needs. The website is user-friendly and completely responsive, offering seamless access across different types of devices. The result, as expected, is a website that rates well when it comes to user experience as well as conversion.