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We, Lucid source, are honored to build an excellent application for Dr. Online. Dr. online is the largest medical platform in Kurdistan and Iraq. The application has gathered the best doctors in the Kurdistan region of Iraq to provide complete telemedicine solutions. Doctor Online is a high-quality, well-programmed, user-friendly application that offers complete telemedicine solutions for you and your family's health and medical needs. Dr. Online allows users to take their medical appointments and bring medical health to their homes with one click. 

Lucid's creative team used Agile methodology while developing the application; that's how they successfully designed and developed the application. Lucid translated the doctors' ideas into a futuristic app and immersive mobile experience. The application got very noticeable attention from the people due to its easy usage and high-quality design and development. Luckily, the application installers and users have reached  +10k in less than a month.