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One Year

Star Towers is a huge project that contains many residents and offices there. Lucid Source’s team successfully implemented the networking services to the Star tower project. During the work for Star Towers, we were able to implement services such as CCTV, Intercom, Fire Alarm Systems and Sound systems, Access Controls in the entire building.

Safety and Security come; first that is why Star Towers put his trust in Lucid Source’s hand, and we secured the entire building. We first started with implementing Access control for vehicles and individuals. The Access Control can read the vehicle’s number from far and close destinations during days and nights. Moreover, we implemented Access Control to identify individuals. Moreover, The right CCTV system for buildings can protect property and residents. That is why we implemented more than 75 outdoor cameras and more than 420 outdoor cameras for Star Towers. 

Fire alarms are essential because they can give you an early signal of fires that may occur; it saves your lives. Therefore, we implemented +300 Smoke Detector, around 800 Heat Rise Rate Detector, and +150 fire alarm lights for your complete safety. Star Towers is a substantial residential project, and communication there might be complex sometimes. That is why Lucid Source also implemented Intercom systems to make communication and connection easier within the management and units of the project.